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Our cosmetic dentistry in Los Angeles uses the most recent advancements in materials and technology to restore the appearance of your teeth to reveal their original beauty. Historically, restorative dentistry involved the diagnosis and treatment of diseased or damaged teeth. In today’s society, we understand the importance of both healthy and attractive smile.

Cosmetic Dentists in Los Angeles

Whether you live in image-conscious Los Angeles or Orange County, chipped, broken, stained, or misaligned teeth can cause you to hold back your smile. From repairing a small chip on a front tooth to designing a whole-mouth rehabilitation plan, River Dentistry cosmetic dentistry in Los Angeles will transform your smile and improve your life with minimal or no discomfort and at reasonable cost.

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Why Cosmetic Dentistry in Los Angeles

There is a common misconception that the sole purpose of cosmetic dentistry in Los Angeles is to improve your smile by altering the appearance of your teeth. Although this is an important part of it, our cosmetic dentistry practice is also concerned with boosting or restoring natural functionality of your teeth and the correction of various dental problems. In Los Angeles, cosmetic dentistry is a vast field with numerous procedures to solve problems like overbites, overjets, and other malocclusion issues; discolorations, gaps, chips, and cracks; and missing teeth. The first step to proper treatment is through a comprehensive exam with digital x-rays.

Smile Makeover by Cosmetic Dentist in Los Angeles

Your smile makeover will start with a consultation, when Dr. Charles Huang will listen carefully to your dental health or cosmetic needs, goals, and desires. Then he will develop a plan to get you there. To ensure success, we use digital imaging, molds, diagnostic lab tests, and the best, most advanced materials, technology, and treatments available in the cosmetic dentistry in Los Angeles market. For example, we use inlays or bonds, which are tooth-colored fillings placed in or on a tooth to preserve it’s natural look. Only the affected area is removed, so this is a more conservative method of restoration requiring less drilling and often no anesthetic. Inlays and bonds blend well with your natural teeth, so they are not noticeable and your smile looks more natural and healthy even close up.

Don’t let the less-than-perfect teeth hold you back. Rejuvenate your smile with a great new look from River Dentistry – the premiere cosmetic dentistry in Los Angeles.

Meet our Dedicated Team of Dental Professionals

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Charles Huang, DDS

Dentist, Owner

A Los Angeles native, Dr. Charles Huang, DDS attended the University of California, Santa Barbara and graduated with a Bachelors degree in Pharmacology. He went on to receiving a DDS degree from NYU.

Downtown LA Dentist Female Staff Member

Lesley Hugh, DDS


Kyung Lesley Hugh, DDS graduated from Columbia University Dental School in New York in 2015. She completed her post-graduate residency (GPR) at Montefiore, New York in 2016.


Anna Raith

Dental Hygienist

Anna Raith, Registered Dental Hygienist, has been working in dental field for over 7 years and joined River Dentistry office in 2016. She gratuated with honors and received a Western Periodontology Award.

Downtown LA Dentist Male Staff Member

Illya Lykhinin

Office Manager

Illya is River Dentistry’s Office Manager and dental insurance expert. He graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2017 and cheerfully communicates with the most demanding patients.

What Our Patients Say About Us

I highly recommend Dr. Charles Huang! He and his team are extremely friendly, honest with you about everything, and provide phenomenal services. They will always let you know any charges ahead of time and will never bill you for hidden fees. Hands down, best dentist I've ever had! (Yelp Review)

Wesley C. Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Charlie and his staff were friendly and took good care of me during my visit. I recommend if you are looking for a dentist to give River Dentistry a try. I HATE going to the dentist, but all my fears aside, they took great care to make sure I was comfortable through the procedures. Definitely recommended! (Yelp Review)

Michael O. Beverly Hills, CA

I recently moved to LA and was looking for a dentist. The Yelp reviews were 100% positive, so I had to check it out. From the very beginning each staff member was warm and friendly... and proceeded to do a great job. These guys are really great. Amazing customer service and genuine concern. A very satisfied customer 🙂 (Yelp Review)

Mala L. Los Angeles, CA

What a find! Needed a dentist in my area that was open on Saturday and, to my great pleasure, I found River Dentistry. I went in because of a chipped front tooth and came out with a fresh clean smile. Dr. Huang is amazing with his work and also with the care and attention he provides [to] his patients. (Yelp Review)

Mario D. Los Angeles, CA